Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Simple Snack Cup

I'm a self declared super pinner...yep, I admit it!  I am a Pinterest addict still to this day.  A lot of great inspiration comes to me when perusing pins. 

Today's Tasty Tuesday team snack idea was inspired by a holiday pin where a mom made orange cups into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  That's awesomesauce right there - so simple, yet cute and creative!  We made quite a few of these gems and gave them away to toddler trick-or-treaters at our house this past Halloween.  See the original pin that inspired me here.

We're like 7 months past Halloween and not even planning 2013 costumes yet this year, why was this inspirational to me now for a team snack?  Easy - sharpies and fruit cups = fun ball style fruit cups.  I'm sure this isn't an original idea, but I haven't seen it anywhere yet.  It couldn't get much simpler than this and it's one even younger kids may want to help create.  Maybe set them up to create while mom puts her feet up for 5 minutes?  I'm sorry - I must have been daydreaming that idea...

Here is what you'll need.
- Fruit cups with clear tops (I have had best success buying these in bulk to get the clear top style)
- Sharpie or other permanent marker (Be sure not to use washable marker here or it will run once the fruit is chilled)

Pick fruit cups that match the color of the style of ball you plan to create.  Oranges or peaches are great selections for basketball themed cups and pears or applesauce are good choices for baseball themed cups.

Before the fruit is chilled, draw laces on top of the clear plastic with the appropriate color permanent marker.  You run the risk of ink not setting as well if you try to draw the lines on a cup that has been chilled and has some condensation.  Before chilling is the way to go.

Chill the fruit cups and serve.  Simple and fun!  These make great treats not just for game day snacks, but also for season end and sports themed parties.

Happy fruit cup decorating!


  1. Did it for the volleyball team. Thanks for the idea!

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    2. Yay - glad this inspired you! Would like to see a pic of volleyball style.

  2. What a great idea. I want to bring treats for my 9 year old son's birthday to his class. He always like's to say "I'm a three sports guy"...but football is one of the sports. Maybe I do chocolate pudding for that one!